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Foamboard is excellent for mounting posters, making displays and architectural models, or use as a backing board for framing. Bonds easily with fabrics, paper and many other materials.

Foamboard is made up of a sheet of foam sandwiched between two sheets of cardstock paper. For more detailed information on a specific product, simply click on the name.

Please note that our minimum shipping requirement for foamboard is 5 sheets. All orders placed under this minimum are a final sale.

Opus PLUS Members' Bulk Pricing:

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Buy 25+ and save 20%

Bulk discount off regular prices only.
Bulk discount does not apply to Elmer's Foam Board.

Please note that bulk discount can be applied to a large quantities  of single items only. Bulk prices and sale prices cannot be combined. The greater of either discount will be applied.

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty  
Acid-Free Foamboard 32X40 8.90 icon-shipping-exception
Acid-Free Foamboard 40X60 16.50 icon-shipping-exception
Acid-Free Foamboard 32X40 8.90 icon-shipping-exception
Acid-Free Foamboard - 1/8" 40X60 16.50 icon-shipping-exception
Black Foamboard 48X96 26.50 icon-shipping-exception
Black Foamboard 40X60 15.10 icon-shipping-exception
Black Foamboard 32X40 8.10 icon-shipping-exception
Elmer's Sturdy White Foam Board 30X40 24.30 icon-shipping-exception
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 8X8 2.90
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 9X12 3.40
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 8.5X11 3.30
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 6X8 2.70
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 8X10 3.10
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 6X6 2.60
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 5X7 2.50
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 24X30 7.70
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 20X24 6.00
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 18X24 5.70
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 14X18 4.70
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 11X14 3.80
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 12X12 3.80
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 12X16 4.20
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 16X20 4.90
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 10X10 3.40
Pre-Cut Acid-Free Foamboard 10X12 3.60
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 9X12 3.00
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 8X8 2.60
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 8X10 2.70
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 8.5X11 2.90
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 6X8 2.50
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 5X7 2.30
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 6X6 2.40
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 22X28 5.40
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 24X30 5.90
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 20X24 4.80
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 18X24 4.60
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 16X20 4.20
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 12X16 3.40
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 11X14 3.20
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 12X12 3.20
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 10X12 3.10
Pre-Cut Regular White Foamboard 10X10 3.00
Precut Acid Free Foamboard 22X28 22X28 6.90
Precut Regular White Foamboard 14X18 14X18 3.80
Regular Foamboard - 1/8" 48X96 20.70 icon-shipping-exception
Regular Foamboard 1/8" 40X60 11.70 icon-shipping-exception
Regular Foamboard 1/8" 32X40 6.30 icon-shipping-exception
Regular Foamboard 3/16" 48X96 20.70 icon-shipping-exception
Regular Foamboard 3/16" 40X60 11.70 icon-shipping-exception
Regular Foamboard 3/16" 32X40 6.30 icon-shipping-exception
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