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This popular Japanese art form makes interesting toys and animals. Great for children and those of you who like to keep their hands busy!

Choose from a variety of origami paper and kits.
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Name Size Reg. Price Qty  
Aitoh Origami Mini Mini 1 1/2" PK/500 2.50
Aitoh Origami Paper Double-Sided Foil PK/18 5.00
Aitoh Print Chiyogami Craft PK/48 8.80
Aitoh Origami Paper Kimono & Folk Art PK/20 2.50
Aitoh Print Chiyogami Komon PK/48 4.50
Aitoh Origami Kimono Doll Kit KIT 11.00
Aitoh Origami Mobile Kit KIT 21.70
Aitoh Ancient Art of Origami Kit KIT 21.70
Aitoh Origami Paper Washi Chiyogami PK/24 3.00
Pro Art Origami Paper Monet PK/5 5.00
Pro Art Origami Paper Pastel Rainbow PK/5 5.00
Yasutomo Fold'Ems Assorted Origami Paper 5 7/8" 8.60
12 found, showing page 1 of 1