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Wax & Wire

We carry a variety of waxes and wire products for your sculpting needs.
Simply click on the product names below for more information.
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Name Size Reg. Price Qty  
Amaco ArtEmboss Aluminium Medium 9X12 10.40
Amaco ArtEmboss Bright Gold 9X60 22.30
Amaco ArtEmboss Copper Light 9X12 15.10
Amaco ArtEmboss Copper Medium 9X12 18.70
Amaco Carving Wax 1LB 12.00
Amaco Flexwax 2.5LB 66.00
Amaco Wireform Contour 20"X10 45.90
Amaco Wireform Craft Wire Aluminium 10YD 6.00
Amaco Wireform Craft Wire Copper 10 YD 6.00
Amaco Wireform Diamond 20"X10 36.00
Amaco Wirerod Armature 1/8"X4 10.90
Armature Wire 1/16" 6.20
Armature Wire 1/4" 19.30
Armature Wire 1/8" 11.10
Armature Wire 3/16" 13.50
15 found, showing page 1 of 1