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Stone by the Pound

Soapstone is an excellent choice for beginners as it is soft and easily carved and polished. Our soapstone ranges in colour from green to brown. Available in pieces ranging from approximately 1 pound to 50 pounds.

Alabaster is harder than soapstone and can be brought to a marble-like surface. It has a lovely translucent quality. Available in pieces weighing from 2 to 10 pounds.

Respirator use is recommended when carving and sanding all stone.

All stone is sold by the pound. The selection found in-store will vary in size, shape and colour, offering you a wealth of carving possibilities.

Please visit your preferred Opus location to see what's in store. Sorry, stone is not available for purchase online or by phone.

In Store Only

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Name Size Reg. Price
Alabaster POUND 2.60
Soapstone POUND 2.00
2 found, showing page 1 of 1