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Origami Paper

These square papers are perfect for making paper folded objects using traditional origami techniques. Use them to make birds, flower or creative decorations.

Each package contains 36 sheets of assorted colours with instructions. There are six different, affordable colour theme packages available.

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Name Size Reg. Price Qty
Aitoh Ancient Art of Origami Kit KIT 21.70
Aitoh Origami Kimono Doll Kit KIT 11.00
Aitoh Origami Mini Mini 1 1/2" PK/500 2.50
Aitoh Origami Mobile Kit KIT 21.70
Aitoh Origami Paper Double-Sided Foil PK/18 5.00
Aitoh Origami Paper Kimono & Folk Art PK/20 2.50
Aitoh Origami Paper Washi Chiyogami PK/24 3.00
Aitoh Print Chiyogami Craft PK/48 8.80
Aitoh Print Chiyogami Komon PK/48 4.50
Pro Art Origami Paper Monet PK/5 5.00
Pro Art Origami Paper Pastel Rainbow PK/5 5.00
Yasutomo Fold'Ems Assorted Origami Paper 5 7/8" 8.60
12 found, showing page 1 of 1